Saturday, 28 April 2012

A Foolish Woman speaks

Hello from the back of the crowd... Hello from a crackpot, an ill-informed nitwit; and a dimwitted fanatic.

So what am I saying that makes it clear I'm off my rocker...Take a deep breath, this is controversial stuff. 

I'm saying that circumcising a healthy penis doesn't make for a better cock. I'm saying that routine male circumcision is damage.

Take a look for yourself [note the link below will bring up images of flaccid male genitalia - it is not suitable for under 18s or for a non medical work context]

If you understand this and are aged 18+ click here to view the images. They show, on the right, a
natural healthy penis, and on the left one circumcised in infancy. Even leaving aside the loss of a rolling stimulator, the cut cock is visibly harmed. It is scarred, discoloured, keratinised and has meatal stenosis (a narrowed pee-hole). All fairly standard effects of circumcision.
But as this is the Emperor's New Cock, and you may be the Wife who lives with it, the Mother who pushed for it; or one of the Consultants who sold it, you may not wish to see these features. In fact acknowledging them may harm your self worth, your peace of mind, or your career...

I hope you will though. Because the Emperor eventually acknowledged reality... and put his clothes back on. But if you amputate a specialised part of your child's body his loss is irreversible.

*the attributes in italics were ascribed to me by Brian Morris of the University of Sydney, in email correspondence, along with the revelation that my views make me a danger to society...